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We have a new website and we’ve integrated a blog on our new site! So if you have been receiving a feed from this site, please update your feed reader to link to our new site at Wings4Women.org

Take a look around! We’ve integrated much of what is on this site PLUS MORE!!

Looking forward to reconnecting!

Alane Pearce
Founder and Director
Wings for Women Military Spouse Conferences
a nonprofit organization for military spouses by military spouses


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We are looking for some fundraising strategies so we can continue offering our Conferences to military spouses at an affordable rate. One of the models we are thinking about is adding a membership site on our website where members would receive at least 15 mini breakout workshops per year via the web and other special resources including discounts on conferences for members.
The webinars, the main resource of the membership site will feature military spouses, organizations and even celebrities who have tips, ideas, resources and encouragement for military families. Some of the people I have lined up are Author and Speaker Don Piper (90 Minutes in Heaven), a professional organizer, an employee at Dave Ramsey, a personal counselor, a career coach, an image coach, a military spouse who has perfected getting connected in a new community and many others!

How much would you donate per year for a subscription?
(80% of the donation would be a tax deduction.)

Also, in the comments to this post, please feel free to leave your thoughts on what would make a membership site worth your donation. Thank you so much for your help!

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