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On the outer edge of a bird’s wing are pinion feathers; these are the feathers that actually allow a bird to fly. Without the pinion feathers, a bird would not be able to take to the air. If even one of the pinion feathers are cut, the bird remains grounded; it cannot fly.

Without the support of their spouses, our military men and women would not be able to make the sacrifices that they make in order to keep us free and safe. Without the support of certain “pinions,” I believe the military spouse cannot soar above the hardships that a military lifestyle can impose.

There are four key pinions that allow the military spouse to fly–to freely soar above her circumstances so she can thrive and help her family flourish. These important pinions are:

  • Self Care
  • Passionate Purpose
  • Family Matters
  • Marvelous Marriages

Many military spouses struggle … we struggle with maintaining ourselves during the challenges that occur because of deployments, constant moves, and single parenting while being married. We struggle in understanding our purpose in our nomadic life. We struggle with keeping the family strong and intact when our partners are half a world away. And we struggle with keeping the foundation of that family–our marriages–together when faced with issues such as post traumatic stress disorder, depression and the many aftereffects of war.

If the military spouse is suffering from an imbalanced life–a clipped pinion–that beautiful bird will remain grounded; stuck in the muck of life, unable to rise above and soar to his or her fullest potential.

That is why we at Wings for Women Military Spouse Conferences are spending our time, effort and money to strengthen these pinions of the military spouse. We are military spouses who want to help and encourage military spouses to be fully balanced in these important areas of life. Our conferences and resources are designed to lift up, support and encourage military spouses in their military lifestyles; and with the Four Pinions of Self Care, Passionate Purpose, Family Matters and Marvelous Marriages, Wings for Women Conferences for Military Spouses will help women fly.

Keep watching as we launch website pages filled with articles, tools and resources for our Four Pinions of a balanced military life. We’ll be publishing articles and links on this blog and Facebook as well.

I’d like to hear from you; what is the one most challenging thing that is keeping you from soaring, and how can we help?

See you in flight!

Alane Pearce
Founder and Executive Director
Wings for Women Military Spouse Conferences


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