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I’m so excited to announce that our 2010 Conference will take place in Colorado Springs at the Cheyenne Mountain Conference Resort on May 14-15. This is such a beautiful property and you will feel pampered in the foothills of the front range as we gather to laugh, cry and help each other be the best military spouses we can be!

Even better news: The conference center is giving us a bloc of rooms for $88 per night (unheard of) so you can come from out of town or just give yourself a weekend away. In fact, the conference is the weekend after mothers’ day AND during Military Spouse Appreciation Month. What better gift could your hubby get you than a weekend to refresh with friends! Start dropping your hints now! You can have a whole weekend of fun and relaxation with one, two or three friends for LESS THAN $100! How cool is that!?

So spread the word, mark your calendars and watch for registration to open in January!!!


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I am looking at videos and music to use for our 2010 Conference (while my iTunes was randomly playing on my computer…). iTunes started playing Toby Keith’s American Soldier, which I’ve heard so many times, but because I was thinking about ways to encourage military spouses, I listened more closely to the words. I got goose bumps and choked up when I paired the words with pictures in my head of all of the military families I know. Then I got the video from youtube and watched–particularly paying attention to the wife in the video. Before I knew it, I was in tears again. Military wives have to deal with so much fear and stress, so many unanswered questions, so many long, hard days and nights by ourselves. It is a challenging lifestyle.

It is my hope and prayer that we can truly provide encouragement to military spouses through our conferences. To make sure we address some of the things we all deal with as mil spouses, I’d like to get your input on these two questions:

What is

1-your biggest challenge as a military spouse?

and 2-your greatest joy as a military spouse?

Thanks for taking the time.


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